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The Studio Presents:
The Lotus room

We are so excited to introduce The Lotus Room- our new space dedicated to creative minds and working hands alike. We are so excited to host Noah Bounds Studios and Return To Hope! Our Lotus Room is designed intended to be a collaborative open concept space for creatives to cohabitate and create in. The Lotus Room is now available to rent for...

  • Workshops

  • Meetings

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Weekly clubs

  • And more!

It also is a great backup space for Photographers to use during Private Events and Bookings in The Loam Room. If the date and time you have in mind is booked, reach out to us to inquire about utilizing The Lotus Room!

Let's Connect and Create


Meeting of The Minds

** New **

Looking for a space to congregate? Whether you need a quick spot to land and organize or a consistent weekly meeting room, you can utilize our kitchenette conference room equipped with tables, chairs, and a projector for all your brainstorming needs.


Workshops and Weekly Classes

** New **

Interested in hosting your own camp, class, or community offering? Our conference room and completely curatable open concept  room leaves your options open to create your own one-off or reoccurring event!

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