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The Studio Hosts: Bailey Rose Vintage Co.

Bailey Rose & Co is a female owned small business. This shop started as a passion project to share pre-loved pieces with others and eventually grew into a small storefront serving the Kendall Whittier District and more! I (Bailey, the owner) love fashion and design as well as lowering waste and consumption of factory made clothing and decor! This shop is a place where any person with any style, can come and shop for things that are curated for them to give a new fabulous life all over again!


Bailey Rose & Co is a place for the person that wants that super cool vintage wardrobe but doesn't have the vision when they walk into an overwhelming dirty thrift store. This shop is a place for the person who wants to bring their friends and try on clothes until they have the perfect outfit for their next big trip! This shop is for the person who loves expressing themself through clothes and design and loves to shop small! This shop is for Tulsa, to have a place where fashion and creativity is encouraged, wanted, and loved!


Bailey Rose Hemmerich

Hi I am Bailey Rose Hemmerich! I am married to a wonderful husband who is in the medical field. I love being healthy and fit. I love to read, tend to my yard, decorate, run with my dog, and thrift of course. I am also a full time photographer as well that specializes in love stories! 


This shop started as a giant pop-up event to share my love for fashion and design! I used to go into thrift stores and buy things for my friends and family because it pained me to leave such a good piece behind. Eventually I found myself being asked if I could thrift for people, or that they wish I could come with them and help them see the vision! I began to realize that my vision for fashion in pre-loved things was a gift that not everyone possessed and I wanted to share it with Tulsa! So then Bailey Rose & Co was born. The pop-up events did so well I was bombarded with questions like "when is the next one" and "where is your shop location", I realized that Tulsa wanted me to stick around and I listened! Then the storefront was born! Lastly, the name "Bailey Rose" is not about me but rather an effort to be timeless, and a dedication to generations of women in my family passing down the name family name "Rose" - thus leading me to a name with history and the logo representing it!

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