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The Studio Hosts: Tulsa Creative Engine

We are thrilled to host Tulsa Creative Engine and their recording space Spark Studios here in The Studio! At Spark Studios, you can book a studio session whether you are a producer, vocal artist, podcaster, or just looking for a space to fuel your creative work. The team asks that you book at least 3 days in advance of your session, and that you limit 5 people in the space at a time. Spark Studios' operating hours are

  • Mondays 2PM-8PM

  • Wednesdays 12PM-8PM

  • Fridays 12PM-5PM

  • Sundays 1PM-6PM.


Now, FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL, TCE is offering free 1.5 hour studio bookings* at Spark Studios Reserve your spot now and let your creativity thrive. Click here to book your session now. 


* 1.5 HR Bookings are available for:

  • Recording - vocal sessions (the studio does not allow for live band recording) For vocal recording sessions be aware that you must have your own engineer and/or possess the ability to operate studio programs and equipment independently. 

Please note as with our Photography and Event bookings within The Loam and Lotus rooms, Spark Studios operates as its own studio space. Here at The Studio we strive to curate an open concept cohabitation that is both conducive and cohesive to local Creatives of all mediums, Spark Studios is located in the far North room in The Loam Room. Clients and Artists will be coming and going as will booking clients of The Studio, along with our other fellow Tenants and Vendors to their designated spaces. If you are needing to make a booking in The Loam Room within Spark Studios operating hours for a boudoir shoot or any other delicate matters and need complete privacy, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to make it happen.

TCE's Mission x Team.

Tulsa Creative Engine is a dynamic 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and empowering Tulsa's vibrant creative community. Founded on the belief that artists and musicians are not only creators but also entrepreneurs, we strive to foster an environment where their talents can flourish and contribute to the city's economic and cultural landscape.

Bianca works behind the scenes, managing operations, strategy, and program development. She collaborates directly with artists, empowering them to lead and support their creative vision

Tyra is a dynamic force at Tulsa Creative Engine (TCE) as the Operations & Production Coordinator, orchestrating vital elements that bring projects to fruition.

Atlas brings a wealth of experience and a passion for artistic dialogue to their role as the Systems & Communications Coordinator at Tulsa Creative Engine (TCE).

Ferrell, a Tulsa native, wears many hats at Tulsa Creative Engine (TCE), contributing his artistic talents and marketing expertise to the organization.

Tyrance, a Tulsa native, entrepreneur, and technologist, serves as the Board Chair of TCE, ensuring the board's alignment with TCE's mission to serve the creative community.

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