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Grit, growth, and a genuine love to connect and create. When we opened our doors in 2020, we opened them with intention to create a versatile space for the community, with the community, in a time that was uncertain and isolated. The renaissance of collaborative creativity that has emerged since the pandemic has been an essential part of shaping and transforming The Studio into the creative hub that it has become today.  Three years of hard work, listening to our community's needs, and digging our roots down later, we are so honored to introduce The Studio: The Lotus and The Loam. Our original space has grown thru a collaboration of different incredible minds, events, offerings, and has become a fertile ground for the seeds of individual and communal ideas alike to be planted and nurtured- The Loam- and we are excited to announce we are expanding and furthering the blossoming of the seeds we've planted together with The Lotus- our new communal space to come together, create, and share. With the option to utilize The Lotus, The Loam, or the entirety of The Studio itself, we are waiting with hands ready to continue to grow this communal garden with you. 


THE LOAM ROOM is our classic well known and well loved space. An open concept and 1500 square feet of beautiful white walls, natural light, greenery, and our brand new powder room, The Loam Room is perfect for daytime photography and events. 
THE LOTUS ROOM is our brand new colorful, creative space. With two different rooms dedicated for meetings of the minds and creative stimulation, a kitchenette, and unlimited coffee, The Lotus Room is ideal for brainstorming sessions, private studio work hours, workshops, + more.

Together, the entirety of The Studio can be booked for weddings, family gatherings, art shows, markets, small events, and more! We look forward to seeing what we can create, together.

Meet The Team

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