Photographer Memberships

We are so excited to be launching our Photography Memberships this November. We have two options available, please choose which one you are interested in and submit an application below. 

Standard Membership: $45 / Month + 50% Off Bookings (Over 1hr)

Our Standard Membership is for our photographers who tend to book the studio frequently but like to venture out every now and then. This package includes Monday-Friday booking access to The Studio for bookings over 1 hour at 50% off their original price, and is purchased on a month-to-month contract basis.

Standard Membership Application

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Photo by capturing his creation photography

Pro Membership: $250 / Month (3 Month Commitment)

Our Pro Membership is for our photographers who are looking for a more permanent studio space. This package includes unlimited bookings per month, storage of backdrops/ lighting/ etc, access to a free pop-up at our monthly Maker's Market if desired, as well as availability to book on weekends in addition to the week (Sunday-Saturday access). This membership is a 3 month commitment, with option to reapply at the termination of the 3 months.


*To apply for our Pro Membership, in addition to submitting your name and contact information, please provide a few pictures of your work or social media handle. We are only opening up 3 spots to begin and we would like to include a diverse group of photographers with a wide range in style, so we will select each round of memberships based on representation and variety in aesthetic.


Photo by nikolas harris

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