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The Studio Hosts: Noah Bounds Studio

Noah Bounds was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He began doodling at age four, and after very little deliberation his parents decided that he should be enrolled in art classes at age ten under the famed local artist Don Edwards. After studying graphic design at a local college, he expanded his creative passions to illustration, design, and professional art. He has sat and learned under the late John Seerey Lester, in addition to Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen, Wes and Rachelle Seigrist, Kobus Mollar, and others.

He gathers inspiration for his work from the workings of the natural world. He strives for his art to capture the intricate and often overlooked beauty of the natural world, whether it be the smallest insect or the most grand ecosystem. He is fascinated by the inner and outer workings of nature, and that inspires him to invent and recreate concepts onto his panels and paper. Graphite and Acrylic paints are his “tools of choice”, and they allow a good deal of leeway for layering and building value.

He now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife, his two dogs, two cats, and two hundred reptiles. He is the co manager of Oklana Zoological, his and his wife’s exotic reptile breeding venture. He loves long walks in national parks, where he will collect both situational and photographic reference for his work. His wife claims that he is a crazy coffee addicted hermit, spending hours on end either curled up in front his of his easel or feeding his reptilian horde.

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