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Are you apart of a collective looking for a space to congregate?

Looking for somewhere cozy to host your monthly book club?

Have you been wanting to host your own creative workshop?


Our Meeting of The Minds coworking studio hours are curated for you to sit together, educate one another, and share your own amazing ideas. Included amenities are an extra large whiteboard + markers, a bluetooth projector, a water carafe, and seats + glasses for 8, as well as full Lotus Room access to the kitchenette and other shared spaces. You can book as you need here, or if you have a recurring gathering, whether weekly or monthly, we can work with you to create a stable, consistent workspace you can request with us directly. Interested in getting penciled in? Please fill out the form below, including what your needs are, how frequently you would like to access the space, and what days are idea.


(ex: "I have a monthly book club every last Sunday of the month 6-7:30PM" or "My startup group needs a space to meet every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-2PM").


Bookings are for Monday-Fridays, 6AM-6PM and will be AVAILABLE SOON.

** Please remember to include all the aforementioned information in your application, those failing to address Workshops + Ideas will NOT be considered! **

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Thanks for submitting!

We'll be in touch soon :)

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