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We are so excited to introduce our Artist Loft addition to The Studio, which is located in our new Lotus Room, as well as launch our inaugural (4) Premier Artist Memberships. The Artist Loft includes a drafting table, individual private lockers to store supplies in, an easel, and two tables for collaborative and individual projects. Our Memberships include 4 private Studio hours (can be split into two 2 hour blocks), as well as weekly collaborative Studio hours.


To apply, simply fill out the form below including your previous working Studio experience (if applicable) as well as include your TOP TWO time preferences / availability for private Studio hours.

(ex: "I am interested in Monday mornings 8AM-Noon" or "I would be interested in Tuesdays + Thursdays 9PM-11PM").


Memberships are $250 a month, with a 4 month commitment. Memberships chosen on a first come, first serve basis. Any additional applicants will be added to the queue to be invited to The Artist Loft as Memberships open at the end of each 4 month cycle.

** Please remember to include all the aforementioned information in your application, those failing to address Experience + Availability will NOT be considered! **

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Thanks for applying!

We'll be in touch soon :)

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