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welcome to the studio

THE STUDIO is a beautiful studio open to creatives and community alike. We are located in Kendall-Whittier District. THE STUDIO is completely automated and has total privacy for you and your guests so you can have the best experience possible. Our studio is one of Tulsa's largest studios at 2,000sf and our rates are perfect for every budget. We want you to walk in and feel completely at ease knowing you have anything and everything you need in one place. We want you to invite your family, friends, colleagues, and more! THE STUDIO has enough room for up to 60+ people to accommodate you with whatever you need this space to be.


studio layout

natural light photographers

**Best time to schedule your natural light photography is**


(light is directly through our windows which cast amazing shadows)



(light is softer and not so direct, no shadows)

studio light photographers

**Best time to schedule your continuous/strobe light photography is**


(we offer continuous lighting, overhead lighting and strobe lighting)



(studio is completely black and light control is on point. It's just you and the light you create)



Hey there! We are Jess Karin Trout and Katy Lynn , and we are so excited to introduce ourselves as the new owners of ‘The Studio’ in the heart of Kendall-Whittier (formally known as SBJ Studio). Our Tulsa community is full of phenomenal creatives of all facets from all backgrounds and we’ve always wanted to find a way to support and promote however we could. We’re lovingly opening The Studio to you for whatever your creative vision needs. From small local businesses pop-ups, to photography sessions, to art shows, to workshops, to small events, to weddings, to yoga classes, to cyphers, to album release parties, to vintage shops, and anything and everything in between.  This studio is for you Tulsa, and we couldn’t be more stoked to work with you.

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